FIS Audit

As of November 2011 Praetors extends the premium audits product line with a specific IT security audit module for financial information systems (FIS).

Designed to address security issues particular to FIS deployments in financial institutions, the financial information systems audit has already provided invaluable security assess- ment results to one of Switzerland’s most powerful banks.

The main challenge in financial information systems auditing is to address the fact that, although FIS components are located on the financial institution computer network, they are most often owned, configured and maintained by different parties – for example by the data feed providers and their accredited partners.

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EPAS - Q2 2013

Praetors announces the general availability of the epas - enterprise password assessment solution - for the second quarter 2013. epas addresses the overwhelming issue of main- taining secure passwords, without the burden of tokens or smartcards, in large enterprise environments. The audit methods ensure that only strong passwords are used across homo- genous environments, containing e.g. Microsoft® Active Directory, IBM® System z and SAP® components.

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Based on 10 years of experience in IT secu- rity, the WiseTest helps SMEs to achieve an increased, sustain- able safety level.

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